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Here’s how our apartment finder rebates work…

  1. Contact us with your apartment criteria. We match your criteria with current move in specials and apartment bargains. We pre-screen the apartments and set up showing appointments for the apartments you would like to visit.
  2. We will let you know what the current rebates are by email, prior to being shown properties and prior to signing a lease.















“No one in Austin is giving this type of money back; it’s completely fair, especially since I kind of had a place in mind before I even called in. Thanks for the 600 I wouldn’t of had other wise, to spend on a 42″ plasma TV.” David Gutierres

Here are 2 common examples:

  1. Monthly Rent = 1,200$. Then your tax free, pre-paid visa gift card = 312$ …That’s great shopping money, you may never have had.*
  2. Monthly rent = 2800$   …Your Visa card = 728$ …That’s a round trip flight and hotel, with a couple hundred in spending money to spare.*

*Both examples are based on apartment Management Company paying 100% of the first month’s rent to a locator referral, which is a common percentage.  Our Rebates work off a 40% ratio, so the calculation is always the same, and the size of your rebate depends on the size of our commission. The IRS does of course tax our commission which is why we remove 35% from the gross commission, before rebating your 40%. The locator, our overhead and management split the remaining 60%, and you receive the remaining 40%. We advertise the largest Apartment Rebates we know of in Austin TX! ** See Rules & Disclaimer below.



Here’s the scoop about apartment finders and rebates…

Apartment finders know the properties and the attractive leases.. All they do is look through apartments and find deals. Our finders locate the deals because we want to earn a quick approval from you, so we show you the best options right away. Our apartment finders are licensed, and are free for you to use. Apartment finders will always be free to prospective tenants because apartment complexes happily pay finders from a predisposed marketing account. Apartment Finders often offer a 50$ gift card or a fruit cake for using their services. 512rebate apartment finders locate the best move in specials, and give you 40% of our net commission, leaving you with a lot more cash. Many apartment complexes pay 100% of the first month’s rent to a finder who pointed you their way. We are splitting that with you! Also see Apartment Rebate Specials and How Apartment Rebate work which are linked on the menu.

Bottom line_ our apartment finders help you find the apartment bargains, and pay out bigger rebates than our competition advertises. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call (512)614-7073 and speak with a friendly apartment finder, or leave a message…

Email money@512rebates.com your property criteria, contact method and move in date, so we can keep our eyes open for an apartment bargain coming on the market.



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DON’T FORGET** Our Apartment Finder rebates apply to ALL apartments! We can let you know what your rebate will be, before you sign your leaseon any Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Leander, Dripping Springs and surrounding area apartments,

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