How Apartment Rebates Work

NOTICE: This rebate may not always be offered and we must agree to any specific rebate program through email with you, prior to you viewing any properties. Austin market does not pay much in locator commission since 2012. Thank you 

How Austin apartment rebates work

Apartment rebates from Locators

Apartment rebates

Why leave money on the table, when you can collect what an apartment locator would make, along with finding a great move-in deal on an apartment. Brush off the $50 gift cards; we are paying you a percentage of our locating commission from the apartment of your choice!


It’s simple, you get the apartment’s move in special, and we give you a visa prepaid gift card for up to $200 from our net commission!

Here’s how our apartment rebates work…

  1. Contact us with your apartment criteria. We match your criteria with current move in specials and apartment bargains. We pre-screen the apartments and set up showing appointments for the apartments you would like to visit.
  2. On the lease application, you fill out with any apartment you choose, you will write in [Apartment Locator/ Original Discount] in the “referral” or “how did you hear about us” section.  This is important, so don’t forget.
  3. After you move in, your apartment complex then pays us our commission, and we split the commission with you in the form of a prepaid visa check card. 🙂


Apartment Rebates

Hidden Apartment Specials

“No one in Austin is giving this type of money back; it’s completely fair, especially since I kind of had a place in mind before I even called in. Thanks for the 600 I wouldn’t of had other wise, to spend on a 42″ plasma TV.” David Gutierres

Here are 2 common examples:

  1. Monthly Rent = 1,200$. Then your tax free, pre-paid visa gift card = 312$ …That’s great shopping money, you may never have had.*
  2. Monthly rent = 2800$   …Your Visa card = 728$ …That’s a round trip flight and hotel, with a couple hundred in spending money to spare.*

*Both examples are based on apartment Management Company paying 100% of the first month’s rent to a locator referral, which is a common percentage.  Our Rebates work off a 40% ratio, so the calculation is always the same, and the size of your rebate depends on the size of our commission. The IRS does of course tax our commission which is why we remove 35% from the gross commission, before rebating your 40%. The locator, our overhead and management split the remaining 60%, and you receive the remaining 40%. We advertise the largest Apartment Rebates we know of in Austin TX! ** See Rules & Disclaimer below.


NOTICE: This rebate may not always be offered and we must agree to any specific rebate program through email with you, prior to you viewing any properties. Austin market does not pay much in locator commission since 2012. Thank you 

This rebate is calculated as follows: Commission Paid to Broker Empire Corp is considered gross commission. Apartments w-9 our efforts, so in turn we take 35% off the gross commission, right away. The remaining 65% net commission is split between the principal and our locator. The principal (being you) is given 40% of the net commission and we keep 60% towards processing, and our locators need food and gas!

Our rebates apply to all apartments in the Austin area. Apartments typically pay a flat fee commission or a commission percentage of the first month’s rent. Whether it’s a 150% commission off the first month’s rent or a 500$ flat referral fee we work the 40%/60% math off the net commission. (2 examples above)

We (Broker Empire Corp.) are a licensed real estate company and have been in the Austin area apartment locating business since 2003. We have great working relationships with local apartments whom appreciate our generosity for their prospective tenants. Besides receiving our local apartment’s knowledge, we want to give you a bigger benefit with using us, LARGE REBATES. Since we share so much, we will only show up to 5 properties based on this rebate give away. We do not have to walk you in if we direct you to an apartment. Most apartments pay the same commission whether we accompany you or just point you in the right direction.

We find that most apartment seekers are actively looking, savvy, and have their criteria in mind. Whether we accompany you are not, in order to get a rebate you will need to put “Broker Empire Corp. apartment locators” on the application where it asks how you found the apartment. Writing that on the lease application is very important because that confirms our help, and allows us to invoice the apartments after you have moved in. On the rare chance that apartment does not pay us a commission, there will be no rebate available; the most you will be able to receive is their move-in special and a apartment you are happy with.

Your apartment rebate will be paid to you in the form of a prepaid Visa gift card. Apartment complexes usually take 30-60 days to send us a check, in which we turn around and gift you! So be patient please. Before you know it you’ll be shopping with money you may have never had using another Apartment finder. Apartment locating is an established business; why not use the ones who will pay you the most?

Gas Prices are 2 High (GP2H) rebate – RULES & DISCLAIMER:

gas rebate1. We also offer an even bigger rebate called the ‘GP2H (Gas Prices are 2 HIGH) apartment rebate’. In order to receive this rebate you must send an email to or any active email associated with our website ( This email must note your intention to use the ‘GP2H rebate’, and must be received before you fill out an application or you meet any of our apartment finders at an apartment. We must reply to your email as proof it was sent. Failing to send us this email before signing any lease application forfeits the ‘GP2H rebate’ but still qualifies you for our Apartment Finder Rebate, which is also rewarding.

2. The ‘GP2H rebate’ pays out quite a bit more money than the ‘Apartment Finder Rebate’. The initial 35% that is removed in the apartment finder rebate is not removed in the ‘GP2H rebate’. Your 40% is calculated off the gross commission we receive. So if the entire commission received by us is 1,000.00$. Then (0.4 X 1,000.00) = 400$. You will receive 400$ in the form of a prepaid VISA gift card. Basically leverage the amount of money we save letting technology pave the way, instead of spending time in our cars, and use that cost break to pay you much more. Whatever it is that the apartment will pay us for helping you find their door, we are giving you 40% of that. This rebate is very popular with our clients and not very popular with our competition. Tell your friends about us!


Myth 1. I thought 50 dollars was the most a locator could legally ‘kick back’ to me? Answer: This is a rebate, which we are legally permitted to pay the principal… meaning you. 🙂     (50$ is a referral fee limit, not a principal paid limit)

Myth 2. Would I be able to negotiate a better lease, dealing directly with the apartment’s management, using this commission as leverage?
Answer: Apartment locators and Apartments have been an intertwined system for decades. All apartment complexes we have known never consider that a negotiating tool because you are not licensed, and frankly apartments depend on locators for tenants. An individual owner of a small 4plex may be an example of one that would negotiate, but most of those just pay a lower commission, and appreciate the new tenant.  These commissions are figured into apartment’s marketing accounts and are not negotiated. Apartments want apartment locators to know their best deals, so they can fill vacancies!

How apartment rebates work

How apartment rebates work

How Austin Apartments work – Apartment Rebates -Austin Apartment Finder


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