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Searching for a house to rent in Austin is a little more complicated than finding an apartment, but often times more rewarding. Houses provide more space, privacy, yards and more freedom! There are many sources to find houses and townhouses for rent here in the Austin area, local online media like the following to name a few…








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…But the most collected and organized place to find a house 4 rent are searches that feed off the MLS. Houses are mostly owned by individual owners of different sorts, there is many more details to consider and mistakes to watch for. Real Estate Agents are the best source for finding a house 4 rent because homes are offered in neighborhoods we already comb through. Rebates are not available when renting a home with us because commissions offered to Real Estate agents are mostly much lower than those offered by apartment complexes. There are many  advantages in using a REALTOR for finding houses or townhouses for rent, a few off the top of my head are…

  • ease of access by one person for all houses offered on the MLS
  • our professional subject matter knowledge of the rental market
  • unbiased lease paperwork
  • negotiating options you may never of thought of
  • immediate notification of new lease listings
  • we know where the house bargains are located
  • application assistance for people with Pets, uncommon rental history, or credit issues
  • our services are FREE!

If you are moving to Austin from another city, welcome to the Capital of Texas!

If you are just changing Austin neighborhoods, we would love to show you a few favorites.

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