Apartment Rental Rebates & Home Buyer Rebates

NOTICE: This rebate may not always be offered and we must agree to any specific rebate program through email with you, prior to you viewing any properties. Austin market does not pay much in locator commission since 2012. Thank you 

512 Rebates is rebating large amounts of money back to you,

when you Rent an Apartment, or Invest in a Home with us!

Apartment Rebates

We are paying out hundreds in prepaid Visa gift cards to renters! When renting an apartment with us, you are paid  40% of the net commission which we would receive as an apartment locator. **See details here

(Jan 2011- May 2011) – Apartment’s average rebate paid to renters is 328.00$)

Home Rebates

Buying a home is an investment and we are adding to your investment. We have been rebating thousands of dollars to home buyers which we represent. Make your next REALTOR choice an efficient one.   ** See details here

(Jan 2011- May 2011) – Home Buyer’s average rebate is 2,840 .00$)


Home & Apartment Rebates

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